Looking for ideas for hen do abroad? This post has all the details for having the perfect hen do holiday in Hvar, Croatia. 

When people talk about the holiday blues, they have no idea. Unless they have been on the best hen do ever in Hvar, Croatia, of course! Looking back over the photos from this trip nearly made me cry. It’s. Just. So. SO. PRETTY! I remember I said every single day we were there (much to everyone else’s annoyance, I’m sure) that I felt like I was in a romantic movie from the fifties. I kept expecting to twirl around and see Audrey Hepburn next to me with a willy straw in her mojito and a ‘bride tribe’ sash slung over her shoulder. Alas, no, just me good old mates from Dartford. 

hen do hvar

Why have a hen do in Hvar?

hen do hvar

If you’re looking for hen do abroad with a difference then Hvar in Croatia is the one. None of us had been before but it was on all of our hit lists. It’s also a good time to go as although it is growing in popularity with British tourists, it’s still relatively untouched compared to most of our typical European holiday destinations. Think glittering turquoise seashores that grow a deep inky blue as you plough out into the ocean, on your way to the next hotspot. 

hen do croatia

This trip was all planned by my good friend Maddie who was pregnant and therefore, unfortunately, couldn’t even come along for the ride! Follow Maddie’s careful planning for a hen do in Hvar, and you can’t fail to have a good time amongst Croatia’s pure Adriatic bliss. 

Split to Hvar Airport Transfer

OK, so first things first – the absolute best thing about a hen do in Hvar? The need for water taxis. And unfortunately the best way to travel from Split airport to Hvar is by speedboat – I know, how tragic? Flying about on boats is what really made this trip so spectacular. We booked our transfer with Dalmatia Express, which also included a bus from the airport to the jetty, and cost 720 Euros for a private return hire. It kicked party proceedings off on the perfect note. After being delayed by EasyJet by over four hours in Stansted, then arriving to then step out on to our own private speedboat pretty much set the tone for the next few days. Arms in the air everyone! (Sorry for the cheese, if you were there, you would have too). 

hen do croatia

Pharos Bayhill Hotel Hvar 

We stayed at the Pharos Hotel which was a little walk up a hill through the trees – so don’t bother unless you can pack lightly! However if you can, it’s worth it. It’s a very modern and stylish hotel with a bar, pool and dining – all you need really. The views are pretty breathtaking – BUT – be warned – unfortunately for different reasons, so was the faint whiff of sewage around the pool area! We shared our stay with a biker club, which made a nice surprise to be greeted by rows of gleaming motorbikes upon arrival (and so began the Hollywood movie vibes). 

Daytime Party in Hvar

Word on the Hvar party scene was that Carpe Diem Beach was the place to be – for day time and all through the night. AND you had to get a boat there – check! So we got glammed up to the eyeballs with all the traditional hen do clobber (body glitter, willy paraphenalia, sashes etc) and headed down to the marina to find the water taxi rank. Now, I will say the first two local ladies we spoke to were very confident – I will give them that. However, their confidence did lead us to believe that Carpe Diem was shut during the day. It wasn’t. Luckily, we didn’t take their word for it and eventually managed to find a water taxi driver who brought us to the Carpe Diem shore.

On the other hand, one thing the ladies didn’t get wrong, was that it was slightly out of season when we were there. So it wasn’t the jumping party atmosphere we had expected, but it was so very idyllic we didn’t mind at all. We spent the day laying on sunbeds, eating fresh seafood and pasta, listening to laid back beats and drinking lots of cocktails and shots before catching the last boat back into the Hvar marina. 

hen do croatia

hen do croatia

Hvar Nightlife

I believe we managed to sample a good selection of the nightlife Hvar has to offer (hic!). There were three main bars we visited: Kiva, Hula Hula and Pink Champagne. 

We stumbled upon Kiva on our first night. After enjoying a civilised beverage (civilised for a hen do in Hvar) next to the marina we asked the waiter where was good to go, he said nothing livened up until about 11pm. So we ordered another drink and waited. A little later we took a stroll to find another bar and heard distant music – and quickly decided to follow that beat! This lead us down what at first seemed like an alleyway but was in fact Kiva Bar!

As it got later the alleyway got packed and the bars either side were rammed with people doing their best lunatic dancing (me included). Music-wise you can expect crowd pleasers and sing-alongs here – so make sure you’ve warmed up with a few cocktails beforehand. There were plenty of other bars near here if you fancy crawling through them, so head to Kiva then work your way up past the marina towards Pink Champagne.

I didn’t actually go into Pink Champagne myself. I’m not really a nightclub kinda gal anymore. I was also well past my prime and thought it best to give it a swerve that night. However, some of the girls did go here and if you are looking for a proper nightclub experience this is the place to go and it leads on nicely from the bars around the marina. 

Sunset Bar in Hvar

hen do croatia

My favourite place, which unfortunately we spent the least amount of time at, just because we discovered it late, was Hula Hula Beach Bar. After talking to other tourists on the previous night out, we found out this bar, nestled on a perfect point of the bay, was THE spot to watch the sunset. The day we went it was a bit cloudy – but the view was still impressive – as is every vista around Hvar! Now, if I’m honest I can’t really remember the style of music, but there was a DJ and I think it was a bit more dancey, classy and cool than Kiva bar… don’t take my word for it though. It was an ideal stop off for a hen do in Hvar. 

hen do hvar

Travelling to Split from London

We flew from Stansted as we were travelling on the end of May bank holiday weekend. At the time of publishing this article, the cheapest flights start from £35, flying with Norwegian Airlines, from Gatwick, in early October (when the weather is still good). 

Travelling to Split from Newcastle upon Tyne

Flights to Split from Newcastle upon Tyne start in June. At the time of publishing this article, the cheapest flights start from £31, flying with EasyJet, from Newcastle, in late August.

A hen do in Hvar still not your thing? 

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