So today I quit my job. With no other job to go to. Sounds crazy, right?

I thought about my personal life and my career and I decided I want the freedom to travel, to learn and to make my own money at a time that suits me. After all, I don’t have anyone else I’m responsible for so I may as well make the most of it. So I’m going to freelance!

As I read this last sentence back to myself visions quickly appear of the dreamy little girl in ‘Father of the Bride’ saying ‘Daddy, I met a boy in Rome and we’re getting married!’ Except I’m not a little girl and I really do know what I’m doing! Or maybe I’m still trying to convince myself…

So now the countdown has begun as I have until the New Year to find myself some interesting projects to work on. Hopefully I’ll start 2016 with a bang – and that’s not banging my head against the nearest wall.

‘Freelance’; this gets added to my list of words I like – it’s very ‘free’ after all.

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