First rule of fight club? Everyone talks about fight club, especially when it plays out on social media.

It’s International Women’s Day and today of all days has seen several celebrity women get into a scathing Twitter spat. Whyyyyyyy????

This combined with other stories recently in the media has meant I have come to the conclusion that society just can’t get its head around a woman being openly sexual whilst also being smart and someone who should be taken seriously in their chosen profession. To me, this sounds like a joke when you say it out loud, but you can find examples of it occurring daily.

What’s more disappointing is seeing women make cutting remarks about other women publicly. In my opinion a woman should be free to do what she wants with her life and her career, as long as it makes her happy. However the constant sideways remarks will only promote that there must be an ideal woman, an accepted woman that we should all strive to be. But who is she? And isn’t that confusing to young girls still trying to work out who they are?

I particularly dislike the attitude that one woman’s success is seen as less admirable than another’s, which can only be based on subjective opinion and for some reason its acceptable to then tear this woman down – even if she’s at the top of her game.

Case in point: Kim Kardashian West tweets a nude photo – and two well-known female celebrities tweet disparaging comments. Kim is famous for her body; she has made a lot of money being positioned as one of the sexiest women in the world – this is her brand. However, Kim has also made even more money with her recent app developments. This move has made her a leading entrepreneur in the technology industry. Her endorsements, her products and her businesses are all based around beauty and sexiness – it would be bad business if the woman decided to not show her body. So why not just say ‘good for her’ and let her get on with it? If you don’t like it, don’t follow her social media accounts. But let’s not forget she is an incredibly successful woman who works hard every day for her success, and is also a wife and mother – and in my opinion that is something to be admired, not belittled.

OK so Kim Kardashian West may not be everyone’s ideal role model – but that’s just the point – there is no ideal role model. Whoever said we had to subscribe to being one type of woman is stuck in the past.   If you want to read some positive, business related press on Kim Kardashian West, then take a look at the below links. Then get over her nude selfie and get on with pursuing your own goals in life.

The most important point is to communicate that a woman can be who she wants to be, and we should applaud one another for our diversity – where one woman can be an astronaut another can be nude model – and that’s OK! The model doesn’t need to throw shade at the astronaut and the astronaut doesn’t need to put down the model – they can even be friends! What’s more, the astronaut could also be a model in her down time. Even though the media and society is obsessed with putting people in boxes, you shouldn’t have to hide femininity and sexuality to be seen as a serious or smart, and vice versa.

PEACE! Happy International Women’s Day.

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