For a blog that’s meant to be all about living a more inspiring life I was feeling rather uninspired today. So there I was, sat on the sofa downloading photo editing apps to make my Instagram pics look even more awesome, instead of writing some sort of ‘how to get the life you want’ blog post, when I had a brainwave (it happens occasionally).

I Googled some lines that make you want to stop waiting for something good to happen and start making something good happen (this could be a quotable line too surely?), overlaid this on to a few of my own photos and created some mega-motivational, poster-style graphics. You’re welcome.

So what have we learnt today? Sometimes just allowing yourself to run away with your imagination can lead to something productive, its called ‘being creative’. So don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re procrastinating, unless of course you actually are. In that case just get on with it. Clear as mud? Thought so… again, you’re welcome.

step forward answer is always no motivational quote


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