Colour Me Happy with a Pink Kitchen Makeover

Colour Me Happy with a Pink Kitchen Makeover

Baby it’s Cold Outside but it’s Positively Pink In Here!

The Beast from the East is currently stomping, spitting and throwing itself all over the UK like an angry toddler that hasn’t had a nap. Seriously, Beast, you can take a break if you want? With weather like this people have been forced to stay indoors, and I have spent the day working from home when I should have been at a client’s office. However I also got the pleasure of spending the working day sat at my new kitchen table in my new pink kitchen. 

Decorating the Kitchen

Telling people you are redecorating your kitchen tends to spark interest, but when you follow this with, ‘yes I’m painting it pink!’ – you can cue a change of subject, startled duck expression, or the good old fail safe, ‘oh, that’s different!’

We had planned on a very standard and traditional look with mocha coloured walls and rustic clocks and artwork. We also very quickly realised how bored we were with this idea about as quickly as we came up with it – not so quickly I hadn’t already bought the mahoosive tin of flippin’ mocha paint, of course. Something much more fun was in order, and this lead us to think pink! After trying two different shades of pink, working through several days of painting and spending a fair whack on endless tins of paint and painting accessories, we finally found our perfect pink in the heart of the home.  

It’s on days like today when I really appreciate just how happy, rosy and cosy our kitchen is – a stark contrast to the icey blue hues peering through the windows currently. So I thought I’d proudly share our pink kitchen makeover, because I feel confident that almost everyone will appreciate this warm and unmistakably happy colour, when all we’ve seen is white, black and blue outside the haven that is the home. 

Pink Kitchen Makeover – The Before

kitchen makeover

We realised we no longer wanted a party kitchen, and that meant it was time to get rid of the bar, blackboard and get in some proper furniture. 

Pink Kitchen Makeover – The After

pink kitchen

We got our tiles are from Tile Mountain, our table and chairs from and the giant map of the world canvas is from Ikea. The pink is Dainty Demure from Valspar’s Cosmetic Collection – inspired by the beauty industry! 

The Beast from the East – The Outdoors

beast from the east

These pictures were taken at a very rare and eerily quiet moment of the day – the twilight hour, just after the very few cars that made it out today also made it back safely (ish)! (My husband managed a 360 downhill spin in his car on his return home this evening). I’ve popped one picture in below, which captured what the rest of the day looked like – far less artistic or bluesy!

The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East in action. 

work from home

My work view this afternoon.

Life is Colourful

Did you make it to work today? We still have tomorrow to contend with – hopefully I can make it in to the office. If not, I’ll be happy and safe in my pretty pink kitchen for one more day. 


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